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AP Carports and Fencing (PTY) Ltd

Product material and finishing

AP Carports and Fencing (PTY) Ltd - Cantilever carport drawing and design analysis

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  Cantilever assembly drawing   Stress analysis   Bending analysis  

Technical posts - "Need to know":

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Paint – Palisade fencing and carport structures:

The roof sheeting can be supplied in standard galvanised or Chromadek finish.

Usefull links:

  Link to Chromadek website   Link to Color Chart Image    
  Chromadek website link   Chromadek colour chart    

Aluzink – Palisade fencing:

Palisade fencing can be manufactured from mild strength steel and supplied in either an Aluzink or Galvinised finish, depending on your choice of preference.

Aluzink or the process referred to as Zincalume, a coating of aluminium and zink applied to steel sheet, provides excellent corrosion resistance when expose to most environment conditions. This makes the product it is used for, to a greater extend maintenance free – no need to paint.

Our palisade fencing product in Aluzink, has a unique shape consisting of 4 bends in the profiles which makes it exceptionally strong in relation to its weight and size.

Usefull links:

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  Aluzink website link   Aluzink Zincalume pdf download    

Hot dip Galvanising – Palisade fencing & carport structures:

Our carport structures as well as the mild steel palisade fencing range, can be supplied in either painted or with a galvanised finish, depending on your choice of preference.

Galvanising can be applied to steel by different processes. With roof sheeting, a process referred to as Zendzimir (continuously hot dip galvanised steel coil), is used.

The zink coating applied on the sheet is generally referred to as Z150 or Z275 meaning that in the later case, 275g/m2 of zink is applied to the sheet (137.5g/m2 per side).

The hot dip galvanising process is applied more to fabricated products and in general will have a thicker coating to what is achieved by the Zincalume process.

Hot dip Galvanised videos:

  Link to hot dip galvanised video 1   Link to hot dip galvanised video 2    
  Hot-Dip Galvanizing:
Protecting Steel For Generations
by American Galvanizers Association
  Hot Dip Galvanized Steel:
What, How & Where
by GalvanizersAssocAus

3 Year guarantee on material and workmanship.

Damages caused by misuse or abuse, will nullify the guarantee as well as damages due to neglect or inadequate maintenance.

Paint and paintwork – No Guarantee.
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